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EECS 125 - Prof. Tendick
Introduction to Robotics

An introduction to the kinematics, dynamics and control of robot manipulators, robotic vision, sensing and the programming of robots. The course will cover forward, inverse kinematics of serial chain manipulators. The manipulator Jacobian, force relations, dynamics and control-position and force control. Trajectory generation, collision avoidance, automatic planning of fine and gross motion strategies-robot programming languages. Proximity, tactile and force sensing.

EE128- Prof. Hsu
Feedback Control Systems

Analysis and synthesis of continuous and sampled-data linear feedback control systems. Advantages of feedback. Design by root locus, frequency response, and state space methods, with a comparison of techniques. Case studies.

EE192-Prof. Fearing
Mechatronics Design Lab

Mechatronics Design Lab is a design project course focusing on application of theoretical principles in electrical engineering to control of mechatronic systems incorporating sensors, actuators and intelligence.

NATCAR 2007 Photos

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