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377 Cory Hall - IESG Office


Pinnacle DVD1000 Non-Linear Video Editing System (broken)

Data Translation Media 100 v2.5 Non-linear Editor (broken)
Sony 1351Q Editing Monitor


Bogen Tripod with Fluid Head (mainly for staff/production use)
Buhl 108 Overhead Projector
Dalite Portable Screen
Nikon Coolscan Film Scanner (currently on loan to BSAC)
Panasonic AG-1970A S-VHS Deck
Samsung DVD-V1000 DVD/VCR player
Toshiba Diomage SVHS VCR
Sanyo PLC-XP45 LCD Projector
Sanyo PLC-XU60 LCD Projector
Sony UVW-1800 Betacam SP Deck  
Sony DSR-PD100A DVCAM camcorder 
Sony DSR-PD150 miniDV camcorder (mainly for staff/production use)
Sony CCD-TR910 Hi8 camcorder (broken) 
WolfVision VZ-7D Document Camera
Yem Scan Converter (COE property shared with ETS - checked out)


FBT Powered Speakers and Ultimate Speaker Stands
Hafler Amplifier
Mackie Audio Mixer, 1202-VLZ and 1202 VLZPro
Polycom Conference Phone
Sony Monitor PVM-14NIU (at 306B Soda)
Sony Monitor PVM-14M2U (at 306B Soda or 377 Cory)


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