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Documents Related to Acquisition of New Instructional Equipment and Parts

AMD 2004 Sponsorship Proposal - DRAFT revised 16NOV04

Agilent Equipment Gift Request

Hewlett-Packard Equipment Gift Request


Instructional Equipment Replacement Guidelines

Other gifts

Lab Details


Notepad of individual lab needs:

color code:    in progress, done/deleted, in queue


AV wish list: updated 6/15/06      
Location         Equipment/Materials       Est. Cost Staff hours
212 add new AV room
258 rework install (finished 8/16/06)               300 4
293 Replace old overhead projector       overhead projector       400 1




Replace old overhead projector       overhead projector       400 1


replace overhead projector       overhead projector       400 1


replace LCD projector               4,500 12
Hogan ask for MS Grant?               10,600 100
1 remove AV arm                  
2 remove/clean up unused audio and video cables                  
3 rewire audio and video cables       speakers (already in Hogan room)       1,000  
4 reorganize av cables       audio amplifier (already in Hogan room)          
5 remove old av mixer       AV cables and connectors etc.          
6 install AV switcher and/or PX2 controller (if purchased)       PX2 controller       600  
7 install web casting equipment       web casting equipment (cameras etc.)       5,000  
8 install a motorized screen       motorized screen       3,000  
9 improve lighting               ?6,000  
10 replace AV rack       AV rack       1,000  
11 add audience mics + mixer               2,000 24
12 window/camera+mic from Wang/Hogan AV closet               ?2,000  
Wang                  2,000 30
1 clean up/rewire cabling + speakers       AV cables and connectors etc.       800  
2 replace old VCR       New VCR/DVD combo       120  
3 replace old computer interface       new computer interface       150  
4 open an entrance to AV closet from corridor               ?1,500  
5 simplify user interface, remove switcher                  
Loan Pool projector               1,000 3
SODA HALL                 19,050 197
306                 5,850 100
1 install a new av rack for videotaping/web casting purposes in 306a       get av rack from 310       5,000  
2 replace old computer interface       interface/DA       250  
3 tie in alternate camera views, drive from 306B to 306A                  
4 audience mic routed from 306B to 306A for Q&A volume control       more conduit?       500  
5 add spot light control in the front of the room (finished 4/06)               100  
6 improve lighting for videotaping and audience                  
1 replace bad screen       new screen       150 4
2 remove Rowe's av rack to use in 306A, remove webcam                 6
3 install wall protector (like 373)                  
320 none                  
373 replace broken projector and install controller (finished 8/3/06)                  
1 move speakers to the front of the room, rewire speakers       speaker wires       30 4
2 remove truss                 5
  projector and wiring               3,600 16
  Pixie controller (finished 8/4/06)               300 3
1 replace bowed/torn screen       new motorized screen       2,600  
2 finish installing audio equipment as discuss before?  REDESIGN               2,000 60
3 replace 5 year old projector       data projector       6,000 12
4 install webcam for videotaping, web casting, etc.               2,500 60
5 keep closet av rack accessible                  
1 replace bowed motorized screen       new motorized screen       2,000 4
2 remove Xerox liveboard                 1
3 purchase/install remote control for two slide projectors       remote control or wired remote control       400  
4 remove av equipment and av rack in the closet                 10
5 clean up and reorganize unused av cables                 12
6 webcam removal                  
606 standardize                  
1 send projector out for internal cleaning               300 2
2 replace bowed screen       new motorized screen       2,000 4
Loan Pool projector               1,000 3
Miscellaneous.:                 30,100 220
1. standardize user interface (install Pixie or PX2 control)                 (300/600) (3hr/6hr)
2. install PX2 interface controller in 405, Woz, Hughes, Hogan and Wang room                 3,000 24
3. build a portable webcasting, videotaping station                 5,000 40
4. purchase travelwise heavy-duty multi-use carts                 100 1
5. purchase shotgun mic for better Q&A videotaping                 450 1
6. purchase a laptop video capture card                 200 1
7.  Portable lighting                 800 4
8. purchase videoconference station ro replace Sue Graham unit                 8,000 6
9.  staff development/training                 3,500 200
10.  NLE final cut pro + mac                 6,000 8
11.  echo canceller/ POTS bridge                 2,000 4
12.  5k lumen projector                 6,000 4
13.  HD camera                 5k-10k 6
14.  Tripod                 1,000 1
15.  Riser                 2,000 2
16.  S&E                 8,000  
1.  what to do with netshow server and archived files                    
2.  what to do with PCs in Sibley and 203 McLaughlin                    
3.  set policy for non-EECS affiliate to use EECS facility                    
4.  distance learning/CXP MS reconnect, CITRIS?                 MS grant?  
5.  intructional labs AV budget                    

hogan room xga wiring intermittent

clean up/revamp 405 Soda (including new projector)

replace projector in 310 Soda

replace Wang projector

clean up 514

upgrade PCs in key rooms

replace 4 VCRs in AV rooms (will possibly use some from 514)

EECSAV Services: (Rev 13APR2006) 

Draft prepared by Ferenc Kovac 
ESG shall provide technical and engineering AV services to EECS Dept. clients.  The list of supported rooms is listed in the tables below, but we also expect a limited number of major events at possibly other locations.  Videotaping and digitizing shall be done by student staff, with regular ESG staff acting as backup.  EECS shall provide ESG with adequate staffing and a budget to cover the cost of related resources, including equipment replacement, consumables, staff development, student help, and cost of craftsmen, as needed. 
Efforts will be made to standardize rooms listed below into two levels: 
B. Basic functionality: LCD projector, screen, wiring, Pixie controller. 
A. Advanced/expanded functionality:  basic plus sound reinforcement, recording, PX2 controller. 
EECS AV Rooms 
Bldg.  Room  Type  Level  PC?  Projector  Installed  Due  Notes 
Cory  258 Sem.  B  None  Epson  2005    Added room 
   293 Class  B  Gone  Epson 8200i  2002 2007 Room needs renovation 
   299 Class  B  Old  Epson 8200i  2002 2007 Room needs renovation 
   377 Staff  A  Tablets  Sanyo 36  2004    Needs equipment budget 
   400 Sem.  B  New  Epson 7700  2001 2006 Projector has problems 
   476 Sem.  B  None  Epson 8100i        Added room 
   521(H)  Class  A  New  Sanyo XU-60  2004 2006 Needs overhaul 
   531(W)  Sem.  A  New  Sanyo XP-41  2004    Needs closet finished 
   Loan     None  None  Epson 7300  1998?  2006 New projector 
Soda  306 Aud.  A  New  Sharp NV6(L)  1999 ?  rm AMX, redo lighting, 
   306    A  New  Sanyo XP-46  2003    setup 306A 
   310 Class  B  New  Epson 7900  2006      
   320 Sem.  B  New  Epson 7700  2001 2007   
   326 Instr.  B  None  TBD     2006 To be added 
   373 Sem.  B  Old  Sanyo XP-45  2002    projector broke 6/06
   380 Staff  B  Old  Epson 7250  2001?  2006   
   405 Class  B  New  Epson 7900  2006    Remove Xerox 
   430-8  Lounge  A  None  Sharp NV6  1999 2006 Permanent audio 
   508 Sem.  B  None  None (VTC)  1999?  2006 Needs new VTC 
   606 Sem.  B  New  Epson 7700  2001 2006 Service projector 
   Loan     None  None  Epson 7300  1998 2006 New projector 
Instructional Labs 
EECS Lab Course  Projector  Install  Upgrade  Notes 
Model  Date  Sched. 
20N  Epson 7300  1998?  2006   
40 Epson 810  2001      
43/100/145LM  Epson 7300  1998 2006 Awaiting electrical rework 
24/150/152/252  Epson 8100 (2)  2002    Needs more AV functionality 
   Pioneer 504 plasma (2)  2002    One plasma failing 
143 Epson 810  2002      
105/141/199  Sharp PX10  2000    Replace projector, screen 


EECS1 (lab integrated into EECS24)

add PC with DSP

g4 mac

lab closed summer 04


hands on dsp labs

card key access completion (done)

open to eecs drop-in labs during off-hours

lecture demo - aliasing


more hands on gadgets


curve tracers (use Labview) - 4 Labview experiments being added F2004 with help from NI/HP

need more PC upgrades, ongoing tweaking of Labview

embedded controllers - kits done

review project choices, lab direction


improved lab automation - 2004-5? with help from NI and HP?

more project choices - may standardize to analog experiments w/possible LabView component

integration w/43?

new experiments (Chua/White)

emergency lighting/exit at door

replace daisy chained outlets (need more power?)

rewire switches 140/140AB

projector outlet for new mount


lab automation for 4145/55 SPAs (Metrics)

chip testers/zif breadboards for up to 500MHz

one more 4156B

better function generators, TDR?

replacement gain/phase meters (resubmit agilent proposal?)

new lab chips (problem with BJT process)

more access to PCs

replace broken scopes

EECS113 - cancelled

a couple of PCs - done 

Prof. Sanders planning EECS213 instead


4 pcs to replace Mac-se for running simulations and to automate data acquisition -  done PCs in place (Intel)

house optics table from Lau and Hasnain (use for new experiments?) - done - in 145AB Cory

new labs (Smith/Gustafson)


 real labs - not GSI/instructor demos in 145AB (Bokor)


new lab?


new robot - done


replace two-link arm set ups with Peltier and suspended ball - help from Ping Hsu, with Seth Sanders - done

Prof. Sastry has in mind to revamp the embedded systems curriculum - 12x labs using wireless embedded systems.

16 new pc-s - upgraded from 125 Cory fallout

Fall 04 - 3 more sets of apparatus requested:

Since the Wednesday session is full now (15 students), it looks like we will need some more equipment for 7 lab groups. Most are related to the magnetic levitation lab later in the semester, but some are more general.

General equipment:

1 more +/- 15V power supply -- right now we only have 6 lab stations

4 more wire strippers/cutters -- we only have 3

6 more pot-turners

2 more breadboards (one just needs banana plugs and could be fixed) Hook up wire Banana plug cables (there are only enough for about 4 lab stations) Power supply cables (at least 3)

MagLev equipment:

2 more current amplifiers

2 more +/- 24 V power supplies

2 scales

1 elevator

2 leds for setup

9V batteries for scales

Also:  5 identical wire-wrap circuit boards made over the next month or so.     This is the interface board for a control experimental that uses ATMEL microcontroller.     The boards carries a DAC chip (24-pin DIP), a encoder interface (16-pin DIP), a 7404, and an op-amp chip (14 pin DIP).  There are 5 10-pin ribbon cable connectors on the board.

EECS131 - cancelleed

new haynes-shockley materials


monitors for new PCs - done

better CAD tools and PCs to run them

EECS142 (New lab)

new Vodafone lab 111/117 Cory - (donated PCs by Intel, software by Agilent/Ansoft/NI, radios by NI)

anechoic chamber?

TEM anntenna apparatus (done)

>4GHz Agilent scope

<1ns tr TDR setup

laser for more optics experiments

Profs. Niknejad/Smith/Subramanian/Gustafson - Weigand card key, Radio by NI, Antenna experiments, RF propagation, RFID, ...

working with industry EE (Eric Hofmann)

av in room

networks of cameras

more RF equipment <10GHz

staff engineer


Higher Priority (Summer 04)

For est. under $10k:  fix AC so that it covers metrics portion of lab, fix safety concerns with forming gas setup - given to Scott McNally by Prof. Fearing. DONE.

1.  Small single-target RF sputtering system for Aluminum suitable for up to 4" substrates.  6" tool possible (Prof. Cheung).  Estimated cost $100k.

2.  Spin rinser, suitable for up to 4" (6" welcome) substrates, to use prior  to oxidation and diffusion furnace steps.  The spinner at the developer sink is too dirty to use before the furnace step (Voros) - possible donation from Fanuc.

3.  Desktop four-point probe (Voros) - possible donation plus $1k in parts. DONE.

4.  New eyepieces fro the 'inspection 1" microscope, suitable for up to 4" substrates (Voros) - possible donation.

5.  Small single chamber plasma etcher.  Manual load suitable for up to 4" (6" welcome) substrates (Voros/Cheung).  Estimated cost $100k.

6.  Benchtop prolifometer - manual load suitable for up to 4" (6" welcome) substrates (Voros/Cheung).  $35k used - possible donation?

7)  Small SEM for metrology (Prof. Cheung). 

8)  Upgrade to 4" wafers (Flounders).   Note:  Upgrade of entire process to 4" wafers will require furnace replacement and multiple tool upgrades (Founders).Estimated cost $100k.

9)  Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer

10) PCs for control, simulation, and metrics- done from 125 Cory fallout

Kasper/Quintel mask aligner - done

Manual wafer probe stations - done

User 4145B parameter analyzer  - done

Quintel video monitor: the space for the monitor can support a size of 15" total height, and 11" in depth. It must accept a B&W ntsc baseband signal (i.e. RCA or BNC). A new adapter for connecting the quintel to the video camera. The current one was pulled out of a box of old parts (as I understand) and is not a perfect match. It can not be setup so that the view through the objectives and through the camera are both in focus at the same time for both viewing modes. Phil did a great job making it work as well as it does, but it doesn't work great.

A video setup on one of the microscopes, preferably (very preferably) color. (If you wanted to get fancy, you could put an cheap VCR by it, which would help troubleshooting and documentation) - done.

New doors to clean-room areas. (The present doors do not work well.) - done

New furniture (benches, chairs, tables, etc.) - done, thanks to SMART contribution



improved lab automation

counter-timer function that was lost when we moved to WindowsNT and the other would be a data acquisition board that supported DSP. Any chance that a student like Nick Sanders could work to explore the use of the Innovative technologies PCI32 (ADC/DAC/DSP) board for 145M acquisition cards - other alternatives being discussed ...

LCD projector

move to labview (?)  need faster PCs, how to handle real time 20KHz loops with new systems?

need emg/ecg lab setups (home built setup not enough, need more)


replacement logic probes - purchased

PIIIs w/monitors for 123 - done (have P4s from Intel) - now dual core pentiums

gpib cards and cables to automate and allow instrument control and printout (backburner)

new Xilinx boards with Virtex and StrongArm (removed) - need more - Done (Xilinx, Oberheim)

need Calinx2 boards - Done (Xilinx, Kovac) 2004

need Expansion boards - in progress (students, Culler, Kovac) Summer-Fall 2004

HP Logic dart in each lab kit - (deleted)

heating/cooling problems in 123 and 204b - done in 125 now

small color usb/firewire cameras for student experiments - need more

function generators - Agilent?

need logic analyzers with 64 channels

terminal server

need AV infrastructure finished in lab, including webcasting automation

cad tool familiarity, continuity issues

way to fix broken calinx boards


hardware/software tools/access to 125 Cory - reviewed semester by semester with faculty


commercial tools - done

new controller boards - done

ongoing support from NSC and Infineon and ?

need wireless comm on controller

deal with over-enrollment?



Last modified by Ferenc Kovac - May. 15, 2007

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