Recent Projects

Current/Upcoming Projects

Build 3 Maglev Stations Wire up private network in 125 cory
Redesign Calbot/Natcar 125 Cory AV distribution
Build 50 EE4x lab kits Upgrade EECS20N, 150, 192 PCs
Upgrade Intelledex to Adept EECS150 Calinx Board (Tom O.)
353 Cory motorized screen Test jig for data acquisition cards
Agilent, AD, NSC, MS grants Redesign EECS100/145L,M, 154(?)
Kasper replacement, lab fee New CAD tools
Probe station upgrades (including MEMs) New Agilent grant
125 Cory NSC lab with Scott S. New MEMs design lab (Intel grant)
Sound system in 125 Cory  New Wireless/Embedded (Vodafone?) lab
Lab shuffles (EECS1, 100, 117, 113, 131, 145L/M, 192) Lab shuffles (EECS100, 145L, M)    
Portable AV station DOP audio
326 Soda AG Node install HMMB AG/DISC/AV
293/299 Cory projector upgrade Upgrade MS Media server
380 Soda DISC & Room Layout     
Cory networking inventory/switchover ESG web pages
Software license server rebuilds Lab Inventory
  ESG online recharge reports  

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